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About Us

NXT Farm is next generation precision ag; a smart farming platform by H2O Geomatics, in partnership with the University of Waterloo. Rooted in experience with both the European and Canadian Space Agencies, we help farmers worldwide grow more efficiently while managing limited resources.With our platform you gain access to cutting-edge algorithms, from radar soil moisture to true crop disease prediction, designed to grow your yields and your margins.


Export Processed

  • Exporting processed imagery allows you to easily integrate our product into your existing process


  • Import thousands of existing polygon files and receive processed imagery for all the acres you manage

Fast Image Processing Times

  • Imagery is processed and made available in under 24 hours from initial acquisition

New Algorithms

  • Many more sophisticated algorithms than the classic NDVI. Currently we offer Soil Nutrition and Water Stress, but many more coming soon.


  • Our API allows you to automate all functions of our platform and integrate our data directly into your workflow.

Custom Solutions

  • We understand the different needs that our user's have, so we will work with you to develop solutions for your specific situations.

Coming Soon

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Radar Soil Moisture

This map will provide accurate and consistent soil moisture measurements on a near daily basis with no obstruction from cloud cover.

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Crop Disease Prediction

This product will deliver an industry first method for predicting crop disease. With no in field sensors our product will identify areas that are at risk of disease and provide a mitigation plan.

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Cloud Removal

Currently the effects of cloud cover limit the consistency of optical imagery, but our new technology will effectively search all available sources to deliver only cloudless imagery to you.

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Precise Weather

Through a combination of satellite and ground station data we will deliver accurate current and predicted weather conditions in your area in order to help you plan ahead.

Current Products

Vegetation Health

This map gives an overview of the health of your field. You can use this to track your field's progress through out the growing season and identify problem areas before they become visibly obvious.

Soil Nutrition

This map shows the nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus levels around your field. This map can be used to identify areas that are being under fertilized or possibly effected by soil erosion, or leaching.

Crop Water Stress

This map shows the level of water stress present and acts as a warning system for both excessive water and a lack of water. It can be used to fix issues well in advance of when it actually effects your crops.